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Mini Minecraft

Worked in team of three to implement Minecraft game in C++. Allow player to explore infinite terrain, add or remove different blocks in flying mode and walking mode with player physics.

Responsible for landscape design, rendering optimization, texturing and animation, creation of procedural biomes that have distinct assets with custom textures, procedural coloring, and distance fog generation.

Plant Designer

An UE4 plugin implemented using both blueprint programming and C++. The tool allows users to design a plant and populate it in a custom world.

Cafe Terrace

Implemented a resource-management multiplayer game in a team of three.

Implemented features including resource collection, recourse placement, and server/client interaction between players. Created game assets in Maya and Mudbox.

Enabled multi-player functions with Steam.

Baures VR Game

The project is made when I was an Intern at the University of Pennsylvania SIG Lab in the summer of 2018.

The project is created in Unreal Engine 4 for educational purposes. It is an interactive game in a Virtual Reality environment, based on a Pre-Columbian village located in Baures, Bolivia. My responsibilities as a summer research intern include:

·     Create a convincing landscape and virtual village of the indigenous people of Bolivia in Unreal Engine 4.

·     Implement in Unreal Engine 4 and built conversational interactions with Non-Player Characters, dynamic stereo layer displays, dynamic map displays, and characters walking along designated paths.

·     Rig and animate models for talking animations in Maya and Unreal Engine 4.

·     Create 3D models in Maya to populate the environment.

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