© 2018 by Yanfei Li

Baures VR Game

The project is made when I was an Intern at the University of Pennsylvania SIG Lab in the summer of 2018.

The project is created in Unreal Engine 4 for educational purposes. It is an interactive game in a Virtual Reality environment, based on a Pre-Columbian village located in Baures, Bolivia. My responsibilities as a summer research intern include:

·     Collaborate with a team of faculty and interns to create a convincing landscape and virtual village of the indigenous people of Bolivia in Unreal Engine 4.

·     Implement node-based programming in Unreal Engine 4 to build conversational interactions with Non-Player Characters, dynamic stereo layer displays, dynamic map displays, and characters walking along designated paths.

·     Rig and animate models for talking animations in Maya and Unreal Engine 4.

·     Create 3D models in Maya to populate the environment.

Spring Doodle Jump

Inspired by Doodle Jump, a game developed and published by American studio Lima Sky.

Responsible for all aspects. Coded in Java.